Published 29 April

Doreen Sinclair is a a member of our REACH Alliance Network and 
Director & CEO at Elevated Minds.

She has shared with us some photos and feedback from some MET Officers following a training session on stop and search. The session was led by a group of Elevated Minds young people.

Read more below:

"Elevate2Success is a youth advisory panel to Elevated Minds. Before the lockdown, we met every Friday from 4 pm - 6 pm at our office. The young men regularly complained about stop&search and voiced their feelings about their experiences, especially the negative manner they were spoken to and how they were treated.
We discussed possible improvements that they felt would make a huge difference in how they view the police and how to improve relationships.

They suggested:

  • opportunities to have their say and let the police know how they feel about how they are treated by them
  • show police officers how they should be treated
  • allow officers to see the person behind the hoodie/tracksuit and even their perception
  • show the police that not every Black person is the same, especially young Black males
  • give them a chance to find out about what officers see and have to deal with

I came up with the notion of having Restorative Justice type discussions.  The young people loved the idea as they felt that it would give them a voice.  The team and I, including the young people, worked closely with Schools Officer Nsikan Etuk and retired Commander Victor Olisa to produce a proposal for the MET.  We sent out a survey to local community members, attached, and contacted Chief Inspector Annmarie Cowley for a discussion.  Annmarie and her team liked the proposal and welcomed the idea, and we have been working in collaboration with the MET since November 2020 to develop the idea into reality.
In the meantime, the Elevate2Success team are working with Elevated Minds staff to deliver training to new MET recruits, called Creating and Sustaining Change.  We are also discussing with the Black Police Network Strand delivering additional training.

Doreen says:

"The feedback is amazing. We are grateful to the MET for giving the Elevated Minds, young people, an opportunity to create change, even if it is only a change in attitude by officers toward members of the Black community. A majority of the officers participated extremely well throughout and were very positive in their feedback on the day. We requested and appreciated the honest and open feedback. - We will again be training another cohort of new recruits next month".

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