Over the course of the recent pandemic, one food bank in North Southwark has sprung up to support local residents get through the challenges of lockdown. Now, this food bank needs your help!

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Based in Bermondsey, Love North Southwark is a social enterprise that provides a life line to residents who have limited access to food, support, and other essentials that many of us take for granted. The group has recently found its place in the community as a trusted source of support- run by locals, for locals.

Their mission is to bring food security to those in need in Southwark. Since starting off by providing meals and food parcels to the elderly and shielding, they have now extended this to anyone who is struggling to get by, including young families, victims of domestic violence, those living in sheltered accommodation, low-income households, people who are struggling with job losses, and families with children who are unable to access school meals. 

Last November, founder of Love North Southwark, Kathy Heather, was nominated for a Southwark Stars award which she subsequently won- you can read more about Southwark Stars here.

They are now looking to expand further, and Community Southwark are asking residents around Southwark to lend their support!

What support does Love North Southwark need?

In 2021, Love North Southwark opened a food 'pantry' cooperative. The pantry aims to remove stigma from food poverty and restore dignity to those who need a little help to get by. Currently, it is open on Fridays.

They are looking to buy equipment to run the shop, and are keen to hear from people who can help supply them with mobile shelving. This will help with the set up and shut down of the shop because they are currently in a shared community space.

If you are able to donate mobile shelving please contact: [email protected] or call 07730 465160


    Love North Southwark rely on donations and the generosity of the community, but otherwise have no other funding. 

    They are currently asking for donations via their Open Collective webpage, where you can donate either a one-off amount or become a regular sponsor from £5 per month. Donations to this fund will be used to:

    • Pay for a yearly licence and monthly costs of a till to make transactions
    • Pay for petrol costs
    • Pay congestion charge fees so they can reach residents who live within the congestion zone
    • Pay for other items for the shop such as baskets, bags, and other essential items

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    More information

    Love North Southwark is currently based at: St. Ann's Church Hall, Thorburn Square, Bermondsey, London SE1 5QH,

    The pantry is currently open on Fridays.

    Contact: [email protected] or call 07730 465160

    If you would like to promote a local initiative, please contact us on [email protected] 

    Cover photo credit: Photo by Laura James from Pexels