Covid-19 vaccines for London Homelessness Care and Support workers and volunteers. 

The NHS have confirmed that frontline homelessness care and support workers, including volunteers, are a priority group for COVID-19 vaccination, within the frontline health workers category, in line with the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation advice.

NHSE/I and Local Authorities are working with leads in London’s five integrated care systems to ensure that all frontline health and care workers delivering services in their area are identified and have access to the Covid-19 vaccination.

In order to make arrangements for front line staff to be vaccinated, they are asking all London housing care and support providers to make themselves known to the locality where their staff and volunteers work. Your lead for Human Resources or your Chief Executive should make an initial approach to confirm precisely what information is required from the locality, however it is likely to include:

  • contact details for individual staff and volunteers who work in that locality
  • any relevant site addresses, for example, if your staff work in an accommodation or day
    centre site.

If your organisation works across more than one locality you will need to approach all the relevant localities.

Once the locality has received your information, they will advise of the most appropriate local vaccination delivery point and any practical requirements, for example, staff and volunteers attending with a work identification badge.

Some independent and third sector organisations based in London have already been contacted by their local vaccination leads about vaccinating frontline staff. If this applies to your organisation, there is nothing further that you need to do.

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If you are reading this letter as an individual worker or volunteer, please ask your organisation’s HR lead or Chief Executive to follow the guidance in this letter. It is your organisation, rather than you as an individual, who needs to contact your locality lead.