Published 24 Sept 2021

This past year has given many of us the reason to reflect on our work life balance and the impact we have on others. Some of us have discovered the rewards of helping others and the joy of spending more time with family.

If this sounds like you; have you considered Fostering a local child?

I can’t imagine not fostering after growing up in a full house. I worked in the city for a few years but always wanted to foster eventually... Lockdown gave me the chance to sit back and reflect. There’s so much more to life, and now is my time, the right time for me to give back to the community. It brings meaning and purpose to life.’ Southwark Foster Carer.

If you enjoy looking after children and could find the time and space to welcome a child into your home and family please consider fostering for Southwark. 

As a foster carer you will be supported and guided by our team of dedicated professionals to develop your skills and build on any relevant training you may have. Our foster carers build long lasting supportive relationships with each other and their local wider community. 

Children and young people in Southwark need single people and families of all ages and backgrounds to care for them. To be a foster carer you are required to have a spare bedroom and be a non-smoking household. 

If you would like to explore fostering further please get in touch with the team: 

[email protected] 

0800 952 0707 


You can also find out more about fostering by visiting the website here  

Or by attending an information session