London CRC needs the support of partners to nominate Community Payback projects.

It requires service users to complete between 40 and 300 hours of unpaid work that:

  1. Benefits the local community (in reparation to the community for the harm caused)
  2. Enables service users to develop skills and experience, enhancing their employment prospects as a way out of crime and to occupy their time in a constructive manner; and
  3. Builds service users’ sense of community involvement, bond and supports a prosocial identity.

Do you:

  • know of a community space that needs some TLC?
  • need help over multiple sites such as parks and cemeteries?
  • have a community project you want to get off the ground but don’t have the resource for?
  • need a regular workforce to maintain or help run a public service or space?

Please check out the full document here