The Cleaner Greener Safer programme has been helping Southwark residents transform their local areas since 2003.

Over 3,200 projects have been funded in the past 17 years, including playground renovations, upgrades to sports facilities, new cycle parking, tree planting, fencing and lighting improvements. 

CGS grant funding has been used for:

  • estate greening, community gardens, landscaping, food growing and wildlife areas
  • community facilities improvements, youth facilities, recycling and artwork
  • transforming unused areas, security measures and tackling ‘grot spots’
  • school improvements, including planting and signage for clean air zones, sports and play equipment and outdoor classroom

You cannot apply for:

  • temporary improvements, community days or workshops (find out if your idea is eligible for the Neighbourhoods Fund)

CGS funding is restricted. It can only be spent on capital improvements, which means permanent, physical changes. It also means that it must be spent on the original proposal, or on the elements selected for funding by your local councillors.

Key information

The 2021-22 application period will open 7 September and close 4 October 2020

All eligible ideas are considered by your local ward councillors. Decisions will be announced in early 2021. See below for more details.


Application period


Shortlisting and feasibility studies


Decisions announced


Funding becomes available/project delivery begins

If you apply to receive your funding as a grant, you'll receive an initial assessment form which you must return to help us evaluate your idea. Visit our CGS grants page for more information.

If you have any questions regarding your application for capital funding or would like to be added to our mailing list, email the CGS team or call 020 7525 4077

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