Published 15 June 2021

MyTime Active is involved in childcare activities, recreational activities (gyms , swimming , golf) and promoting wellbeing, through connecting people and through group activities.

MyTime Active didn’t recruit last year because of COVID and so are now looking for a number of trustees as many of the existing ones have reached the end of their tenure . 

They are seeking to widen the diversity of their Board in all ways, including younger people (under 40s), people from minority communities and people with disabilities. As they have up to four vacancies, they would still encourage people not in those groups to apply.

Again, because they have up to four vacancies, the skill set of the candidates can be quite varied; skills we are looking for include community and partnership working; wellbeing and public health; customer facing operations (retail, hospitality, leisure); commercial, marketing and digital. Overall they need to want to make a difference, and be keen to apply their skill to MyTime's social enterprise; to their mission to improve wellbeing and to our commercial model of charitable trading.  

How to join?

Please get in touch with Shelagh if you would like to apply, via: [email protected]