We are very proud to share that two of our Community Health Ambassadors, Carole and Saidat, were featured on BBC London news.

Last week we had some excellent press exposure for our Community Health Ambassadors Programme, on BBC London TV News. We selected two of our Health Ambassadors, Carole and Saidat, to be interviewed about the issues around vaccinations and misinformation.

The news piece was on vaccine hesitancy in Southwark and was shown as part of the evening news and the lead item on the late news. The two programmes have an accumulative audience of 5,850,000.


Carole and Saidat are part of the Southwark Ambassador team of volunteers, trying to boost confidence in the vaccine. 

Carole filmed herself having her Covid-19 vaccine to help encourage others to do the same. Carole says, "I'm having my vaccination now and there's nothing to it', and she gives the thumbs up. She says, "it's not a rich area and people haven't been able to sustain themselves'.

As the camera pans down the high street it looks very empty and many of the shops are boarded up.

Carole goes on to say, "unfortunately many people have listened to sceptics and there is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. The country will pay in lives and heartache if people become ill. We have to be very understanding at this time, we have to be very understanding and go along side people and answer their questions, so that they are informed".


Saidat is a Nigerian muslim and is active in her local school, mosque and Tenants and Residents Association (TRA).  Saidat thinks that people like her are more suited to getting the message across to people who are worried. She says, "they need to be educated, they are scared because some lack the understanding and so they need to be educated. Once we educate them that it is safe they feel more reassured. There is just low trust currently".

A huge thank you Carole and Saidat, and also a huge thank you to all of our incredible Southwark Community Health Ambassadors. Without dedicated volunteers like you we couldn't do the important work in helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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