Southwark Council have recruited and trained three Private Rented Sector Homeless Prevention officers to join the Private Rented Sector Team within their Housing Solutions Service.

Private Rented Sector Homeless Prevention officers are able to:
  • Provide comprehensive private rented sector assistance and advice for tenants, sub-tenants, licensees and housing association tenants. 
  • Advise on notices served by landlords/agents and determine whether they are valid and take a proactive role to help resolve the reason for any threat of eviction. 
  • Advise and assist where there are threats of harassment and illegal eviction from landlords and/or landlords’ agents.
  • Where necessary, take a homeless application and provide a Personal Housing Plan to help resolve their housing.
  • Provide incentives and deposit assistance to help secure a new private rented property.
  • Provide access to wider financial support to help with rent levels and arrears to sustain tenancies.
  • Provide support to landlords and advise them of their responsibilities and rights towards their tenants.

To get support:

If you are able to complete an initial assessment online, then they do so by visiting -

This form goes to the Private Rented Sector Team to make further contact with clients and enables them to establish the case on their records.

The team can also be contacted by clients or organisations and staff by calling 0207 525 4113 or by email at [email protected].