Published 26 August 2021

Anita, our Policy and Partnerships Officer at Community Southwark, tells us a bit about herself and her role.

I’m Anita the Policy and Participation Officer at Community Southwark. I work in the VCS support team, and I work closely with the various networks within Southwark.

If your organisation/group is not-for-profit and is based in, or undertakes work in Southwark, you can join our networks and you will receive news, opportunities and meeting invites to our various networks that have different subject areas.

The networks I facilitate are: Mental Health, Older People, Creative, Disabilities Providers, Sport and Physical Activity, and Children’s, Young people and Families we also have a meet-up for smaller groups. We have more Community Southwark networks and have contacts with non-Community Southwark networks, there is a home for every organisation!

I joined Community Southwark in August 2020 and I have worked for other charities in the past carrying out work around young people, crime & reoffending and refugees and communities. I studied Politics and International Relations in University and knew I wanted to work in roles that would help others with a focus on influencing and lobbying.

My role involves mobilising the networks and Southwark Voice (a forum for the chairs of the various networks) in ways that mean they can influence local decisions and policies that affect them and their service users. I create spaces for network members to share projects/opportunities and collaborate. It is crucial that the VCS sector have a voice when it comes to policies that affect them and I hope to find more ways to ensure this happens.

Contact Anita by emailing [email protected], or phoning 020 7358 7017.

Our networks

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