The New Southwark Plan (NSP) will be a new borough-wide planning and regeneration strategy up to 2033.

Not only will it set out planning policies to guide development, but it will also explain how development will be delivered and may inform future decisions about investment in infrastructure. The plan consists of three main areas:Graph

  1. Area visions - setting out the aspirations of the borough’s distinctive neighbourhoods
  2. Planning policies - informing decisions on planning applications and development proposals
  3. Site allocations - potential development sites with specifications for development requirements

Once finalised and adopted, it will replace the current local plan, comprising the saved Southwark Plan policies 2007 and the Core Strategy 2011, and will be used to make decisions on planning applications.

Consultation Details

Currently, the draft NSP is out for public consultation before it becomes adopted into the council's official policy framework. Therefore, the final document isn't available yet because many details may change once feedback has been received and reviewed by the council after the consultation closes.

The council submitted the draft NSP to the Secretary of State for scrutiny in January 2020 meaning that the 'Examination in Public (EiP) began. Two members of the Planning Inspectorate were then allocated to review the submitted NSP and ensure the following criteria had been met:

  • Has it complied with the ‘duty to cooperate’?
  • Does it meet all the necessary legal requirements?
  • Is it sound?
  • Is it well evidence-based?
  • Is it deliverable?
  • Is it compliant with national and regional policy?

According to the outcome of the inspection, the council agreed to gather additional supporting information and evidence and make updates to the submitted NSP to illustrate more clearly how they had attended to the points above.

The updated draft NSP is now out for consultation and will be from 27th August 2020 - 26th October.

You can learn more details on the consultation on the Council's consultation hub. Click the button below to learn more. 

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