Over the last 5 years, social prescribing has gained increasing interest as a way of meeting unmet needs in the community. There have been many social prescribing services and models across the country that we can learn from.

This page sets out just a few of the best evaluations and pieces of learning.

The Richmond Group of Charities have suggested there are five key elements that make up social prescribing as outlined in the infographic below:

Click here for their slide deck on social prescribing which sets out some of their learning including their work in Somerset.

Tower Hamlets Public Health conducted an evaluation of social prescribing which looked at the effectiveness of the Bromley By Bow centre which is one of the most well known social prescribing services in London. Click here to read their evaluation.

The Rotherham social prescribing service has also been proved to be effective. Click here to read their evaluation update for their service for people with long term conditions. The Ways to Wellness social prescribing service in Newcastle have conducted a study looking at social prescribing for people with long term conditions. Suzanne Moffatt, one of the researchers for this piece of work will be sharing learning with us in Network 2. Click here to read the study.