• The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) :
    The MASH brings together a team of multi-disciplinary professionals to deal with all safeguarding concerns about the safety or wellbeing of a child.

    T: 020 7525 1921 or 020 7525 5000 (out of hours)
    E: [email protected] and Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

  • Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO): 
    The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) works within Children’s Services and provides advice and guidance to employers, organisations and other individuals who have concerns about the behaviours of an adult who works with children and young people.

    QAU duty number:  020 7525 3297
    QAU service manager (LADO): 020 7525 0689
    Head of social work improvement and quality assurance: 020 7525 0387

  • For My Learning Source enquires:
    E: [email protected]

  • Southwark Council Early Help Service: 
    T: 020 7525 4780
    E: [email protected]

  • Southwark Council Keeping safe and reporting abuse - various contact numbers and emails for a variety of different needs including reporting child abuse 

  • Southwark Adult Social Care - contacts for reporting adult abuse:

    • for  adults with a physical or sensory disability and older people (65 years and above):
      E: [email protected]
      T: 020 7525 3324

    • for adults (aged 18 to 65) with a mental illness:    
      E: [email protected]
      T: 020 7525 0088

    • for adults with a learning disability:
      E: [email protected]
      T: 020 7525 2333