Outcomes are the changes that you want to bring about with your work.  

It’s important to remember that this is different to the activities that you deliver. 

An example of an outcome is “young people increase their chances of getting a job” - it describes the difference that a project could make. Whereas an activity would be CV workshops. 

When you’re developing your outcomes it might be helpful to think about the different areas where change could happen for an individual: 

  • Skills and abilities  

  • Behaviour  

  • Wellbeing  

  • Attitudes towards something   

Or you could think about changes that happen more widely: 

  • In policy 

  • The environment 

  • Services available 

  • Or social norms  

Since outcomes are all about change, make sure that you write them using a ‘change’ word like increase, decrease, reduce, improve  

Here are some more examples of outcomes: 

  • Participants have greater confidence to talk to their peers 

  • Older people are less socially isolated 

  • Children improve their literacy skills  

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