Funding available for charities working in Rotherhithe and Canada Water to improve access to sports and exercise

Decathlon UK (major sports equipment retailer) and ART-INVEST (investor in Canada Water Dockside Project) are offering small grants of between £500 - £3,000 to charities working near their London headquarters, for projects and programmes that help local residents lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

How to apply

  • Answer the questions below in a word document and send to [email protected] and [email protected]
  • You will be contacted by email in the next 2 weeks following the receipt of the document, in order to do a 15 min pitch by video.
  • Selection of the applications will be done according to the criterias of the community fund, the amount requested and the impact measurement in terms of supporting the local residents to get a healthy and active lifestyle in Canada Water.


The fund can not support requests from individuals, but can support registered charities, schools, charitable incorporated organisations (CIO) and community amateur sports clubs (CASC).

The activity or events should support a healthier and active lifestyle in Rotherhithe / Canada Water, must be ongoing or repeatable (rather than a one-off) and should target those people who are most affected by inactivity or wellbeing issues, such as loneliness, or reduced access to sport.


The first grant committee meeting is to be held on the 24th January 2021, so any applications received before then will be considered. Further meetings will take place throughout the year, but it is recommended you apply as soon as you are able to.

Application questions

Name of the organisation:
Legal Status:
Contact person and position in the organisation:
Description of the organisation:
Number of employees or volunteers involved:
Number of actual beneficiaries:
Values and long-term vision of the organisation:
Requested Budget:

Send your answers to [email protected] and [email protected]

The full documenation is available in this PDF.