Franco started his volunteer journey by being referred to Team100 by our Community Southwark volunteer advice service. Franco has helped Team100 in their incredible efforts to transform lives, in an area and in a time where obesity and inactivity are prominent issues.

Published 10 March

What's the team volunteer role?

Franco is a Team100 Burgess Sports volunteer

How has the volunteer contributed to your organisation?

Franco was the first Team100 Burgess Sports volunteer. A chef by trade, Franco wanted to give something back to his community by running healthy cooking workshops and was referred to Team100 by local partner, Community Southwark.

Burgess Sports believed in his mission and supported him to run these workshops as a part of the growing holiday programme.

The workshops were a complete success, with the children learning how to make their own ravioli and sauces on a small budget.

The workshops were so successful, parents began to join and Franco was only too happy.

Club coaches and volunteers were starting to notice the difference in their participants' eating habits and healthy lifestyle knowledge, with Franco also adding a trip to the allotment to his provision.

Of course, being as healthy as possible, Franco would insist on walking the group to the Burgess Park gardens.

What does the volunteer do as a volunteer?

Franco runs healthy cooking workshops to a holiday programme.

Why does the volunteer like volunteering and what difference does it make to them?

Burgess Sports are determined to transform the lives of people around Burgess Park and physical activity provision is important, but not enough. Through external partnerships with Fare Share and StreetGames, Burgess Sports was able to fund Franco’s work and he became the Healthy Food Manager.

Burgess Sports now provides free, healthy hot meals at holiday camps' catering support to the cluster of organisations in the area and of course, the community cooking workshops for local families. In an area and in a time where obesity and inactivity are prominent issues, we think our joint efforts contribute much more and transform more lives in more ways around Burgess Park.


Find out more about Team100 Burgess Sports on their website here.

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