If you are a Civil Society organisation working in London and wish to deliver projects that tackle racism, hate, intolerance, extremism, or radicalisation, then read on to find out more and see if you could apply for funding. 

Last year this fund supported over 30 organisations who delivered their projects to 25,000 Londoners, and in doing so strengthened communities against extremism, encouraged more Londoners to stand up to hate and better protected vulnerable people from radicalisation. 

COVID 19 is not the only virus to have spread over the last year. Extremists have sought to take advantage of the pandemic and we have seen a rise in online disinformation, conspiracy theories and extremist propaganda which have been used to promote hate and violence.  

In addition, lockdown restrictions have meant vulnerable Londoners have spent more time than ever online, often in isolated environments and away from support networks, thereby increasing their vulnerability to radicalisation.  

This makes the second phase of this grassroots funding, managed in partnership with Groundwork London, more important than ever. And Civil Society groups are often best placed to deliver this vital work.

Applications may be submitted before the deadline of 9am on 3rd August 2021.

How to apply?

You can find full details here