Back for a third year, #BAMEOnline is a brave, creative and joyful space where Black and POC who have done incredible fundraising, from crowdfunding to corporate partnerships, share the keys to their success. 

#BAMEOnline asks difficult questions of the fundraising and philanthropic sector. How has philanthropy acted as part of the system of racism and imperialism? How are we complicit in continuing a legacy of racism through our fundraising practices? And most importantly, how can we resist exploitative practices and provide meaningful support to anti-racist movements through fundraising and philanthropy?

The conference will also talk about leadership, reparations, radical imagination and so much more. This event isn’t just for people of colour, this is for anyone who wants to do better fundraising. 

Join them on 28th July 2022 to navigate some of these complex but exciting questions as we will once again ask you to question everything you thought you knew about racism, fundraising and philanthropy. 

Tickets are pay what you can, which means that it is open to all, regardless of their training budget. If you are able to cover the price of someone with less disposable income when purchasing a ticket, please do.

For more information, and to book your place, please visit the Fundraising Everywhere website.