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What is Empowering Communities?

Empowering communities is a community engagement programme run by Southwark Council. The programme comprises of regular individual ward meetings held by councillors, and two multi-ward meetings per year. The aim of empowering communities is to make communicating local issues to the council easier for communities.

This is one of the best ways you can get directly involved in local democracy!

Local Ward Meetings

Each ward meets with their councillors a few times per year to talk about issues affecting their
neighbourhood, and discuss ways that public money and time could be spent improving it, and new regeneration proposals in the area. These are your opportunity to directly engage with the issues in your local neighbourhood, and everyone in the neighbourhood is welcome (and encouraged) to come along.

Your local councillor organises community meetings for members of their ward to discuss issues affecting the local area.​ Sometimes, your councillor will chair a joint meeting with a neighbouring ward/ councillor to discuss an issue affecting both wards.

There are two ways to find out when your next ward meeting is. The first is to check out our events section on this website, and the second is to contact the local Empowering Communities Development Officer whose details you can find below.


Area Multi-Ward Forum Meetings

Twice a year, the council hosts a multi-ward meeting for residents across several wards. These meetings are mainly for funding programmes information, process, and announcement of decisions, including Cleaner Greener Safer, Neighbourhoods Fund, Democracy Fund, Devolved Highways Fund

Depending on where they sit geographically in Southwark, each ward belongs to one of five multi-ward forums:

Area (Text colour corresponds to map)


North-East Forum Borough & Bankside, St. Georges, North Walworth, London Bridge & West Bermondsey
North-West Forum South Bermondsey, North Bermondsey, Rotherhithe, Surrey Docks
East-Central Forum Newington, North Walworth, Faraday, Camberwell Green, St. Giles
West-Central Forum Peckham, Old Kent Road, Queens Road and Nunhead, Rye Lane, Peckham Rye
South Forum Goose Green, Dulwich Village, Dulwich Hill, Dulwich Wood

Empowering Communities Development Officer

The Empowering Communities Development Officer works with the local councillors and community to organise ward meetings. They also organise the multi-ward forum meetings for their area.  

You can contact the local Development Officer with questions, event feedback, and to be added to the mailing list for your ward and multi-ward forum. You can find your Development Officer's name and contact details in the table below.

Contact Details
North-East Forum Bridget Galloway [email protected]020 752 1780
North-West Forum Pauline Bonner [email protected] 020 7525 1019
East-Central Forum Gill Kelly [email protected] ; 020 7525 3690
West-Central Forum Grace Semakula [email protected] ; 0207 525 4928
South Forum Fitzroy Lewis [email protected] ; 0207 525 3084

Community Champions

In each multi-ward forum, a Councillor will be a community champion and will chair these meetings, ensuring they operate effectively. Contact this councillor and the Empowering Communities Development Officer for more information on ward meetings and multi-forum meetings:

Contact Details
North-East Forum Cllr Sunny Lambe [email protected] ; 07985 114 345
North-West Forum Cllr David Noakes [email protected] ; 020 7525 1326
East-Central Forum Cllr Dora Dixon-Fyle [email protected] ; 07535 932 329
West-Central Forum Cllr Sunil Copra [email protected] ; 020 7525 4277
South Forum Cllr Andy Simmonds [email protected] ; 07956 624484