The Empowering Communities Development Officer works with the local councillors and community to organise ward meetings. They also organise the multi-ward forum meetings for their area. 

You can contact the local Development Officer with questions, event feedback, and to be added to the mailing list for your ward and multi-ward forum. You can find your Development Officer's name and contact details in the table below.

Find out which forum you're in here.

Contact Details
North-East Forum Bridget Galloway [email protected]020 752 1780
North-West Forum Pauline Bonner [email protected] 020 7525 1019
East-Central Forum Gill Kelly [email protected] ; 020 7525 3690
West-Central Forum Grace Semakula [email protected] ; 0207 525 4928
South Forum Fitzroy Lewis [email protected] ; 0207 525 3084