Published: 27 May 2021

a Volunteering Advice Volunteer, tells us about the skills she's developed and what difference volunteering has made to her.

Which team do you volunteer with?

Volunteering Team

Volunteer role?

Volunteering Advice

Why did you decide to get involved with this volunteer team role? What did you want to get out of being involved?

I wanted to contribute to my local community.

What skills have you developed through your experience of volunteering with the volunteer team?

Communication skills, Team work within a pandemic, and a few more IT skills

What have you learnt as a result of volunteering with Community Southwark?

A greater knowledge of voluntary organisations in Southwark. A greater knowledge of those who are looking for volunteering.

As a volunteer, what do you do in your role?

Give advice about volunteering opportunities available, mainly in Southwark, to people who want to volunteer. Support those interested in volunteering to find one or more volunteering opportunities to meet their interests and availability. Help voluntary organisations in Southwark to find suitable volunteers to meet their needs.

Why do you like volunteering & what difference does it make to you?

I enjoy the contact with those I give advice to and with voluntary organisations and I enjoy being part of Community Southwark. My volunteer role has helped me to feel that I am doing something of use to others.

How to start your volunteer journey? 

Want to volunteer bit not sure where to start? Community Southwark can help you start your volunteer journey. Book a 1to1 Volunteer Advice appointment with our Volunteer Adviser and we will help you to see what opportunities there are in the borough. We will help to match you with a charity or group that you are interested in.