CVS Directors' Network

We are attending regular meetings of the CVS Directors' Network organised by London Plus. This allows us to share problems and solutions with other London Council for Voluntary Services (CVS) and raise them at a pan-London level with the Greater London Authority. 


We are members of Locality - the national membership network for community organisations.


We are members of the National Council of Voluntary Organisations which in turn represents the sector at a central government level.

VCS Emergencies Partnership

Until 31st March 2021, we are taking part in the VCS Emergencies Partnership organised by the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action

The Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership (VCSEP) is offering additional support to the VCS and other local organisations or groups at this time. This might be in a number of areas, including logistical support (e.g. transport), sourcing volunteers, personal protective equipment (PPE) or specialist equipment. You can find a useful overview of the support they are able to provide here.

You should use this service for needs that local councils for voluntary service, local authority hubs and local resilience forums cannot answer.

Community Southwark will be acting as a representative of the local VCS so if you have any questions, please contact Chris at: [email protected]. You can request VCSEP support directly by filling in this form

The VCSEP represents a range of volunteer organisations collaborating on emergency responses regionally and nationally. See further information about VCSEP here.