We believe in promoting equality and equity, valuing diversity, and working inclusively are at the heart of everything we do. This is the world we want for our staff, volunteers, trustees and the communities we work with.

The voluntary and community sector (VCS) in Southwark is made up of a diverse range of people and causes. Community Southwark’s role is to support the VCS through capacity building, promoting volunteering, and social action. To ensure that we best support and represent the VCS in Southwark, it is important we build equality, diversity and inclusion into all aspects of our work, so that we better reflect the communities we serve, make better decisions and are more innovative. It is equally important that all members of the VCS in Southwark feel supported and included in all that we do. 


Principles to follow

  • Have a no tolerance of bullying, harassment and victimisation. 

  • Keep working to break down barriers in our job opportunities, volunteering opportunities, workplace and services.
  • Regularly consult, monitor and review, to learn and improve. 

Create an approach based on the 'Equalities Plus model' - building on the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s nine protected characteristics. These are:

  • Age 
  • Disability 
  • Sex 
  • Gender reassignment 
  • Marriage and Civil partnership
  • Race 
  • Religion or belief 
  • Sexual orientation 
  • Pregnancy and Maternity. 


It is illegal to discriminate against someone based on these characteristics. This is something we take seriously.   

In addition, we include socio-economic status as a key area of equality/equity that we believe must be taken as seriously as the protected characteristics above. 

Everyone deserves to feel safe and supported at work and in their community. 

What can you do as an organisation?

To support your staff, volunteers and members: 

  • Have an EDI Lead Trustee on your Board to keep this work on the agenda. 
  • Have a staff working group to ensure you are up-to-date on best practice. 
  • Create an EDI Policy for your organisation. (View our EDI Policy here.)

How can we support you?

You can speak to our VCS Support Officer – Ethnic Minority-Led Groups, provides tailored support and networks for our members: [email protected] 

Take a look at our range of resources we have put together to support staff, volunteers and the VCS. You can find them here. We will keep adding to these.


The gender pay gap 

The gender pay gap is the difference in average earnings of women and men who work for an organisation. We want every member of staff to have equal opportunity regardless of gender, so at Community Southwark we have a set pay structure that aims to ensure equality across gender for the same jobs. 


Our promise to you  

Community Southwark are continually reflecting on whether we are doing enough to support individuals within our organisation and the wider sector, because we believe that equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) should not just be a thing we do, it should be core to the way we act and behave throughout our work.  


Therefore, to truly reflect the wonderful charities, community groups and individuals in Southwark, we are committed to:  

  • Recruiting and supporting a diverse group of volunteers, staff and trustees.  
  • Making sure that anti-racism and intersectionality of all the protected characteristics are consistently centred in our actions, projects, and practices.  
  • Supporting the sector to reach best practice in EDI 
  • Holding the sector and statutory services working with the sector to account 
  • Providing representation to promote equality and diversity in policies and strategies affecting our members 
  • Continuously learning and reflecting on our journey in EDI. 


We would like you to hold us to account.

We are therefore grateful for all feedback, input, collaboration and ideas along this journey.

You can send us yours here.


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