Chris Wilson, CEO/Clerk to the Trustees for Southwark Charities, is asking for your support:


"Dear friends and colleagues

Please share this with your beneficiaries, supporters, staff and trustees – the more the better!

First let me wish you a happy new year and strength and resilience to face the coming challenges. I am writing to ask for your support. As you may know, late last year Southwark Charities submitted a planning application for its site in Blackfriars. The key outcomes of the development will be: 

  1. More than double the existing number of affordable almshouse homes, up from 25 to 62;
  2. A Community amenity - like a village hall for Blackfriars;
  3. Affordable workspace and offices to form a charity hub;
  4. Gardens and public space outdoors;
  5. A trebling of our grant funding once the development is complete. 

As you can appreciate, this is a major step in the 300 year biography of the charity, and we would be grateful to receive expressions of support from all the organisations we support and collaborate with to demonstrate the value of what we are doing to the Council to make it easier for them to approve our plans. Please find a moment to follow this link, where you will find the detailed planning application.

Making a comment and expressing your support is easy, just click on the “Make A Comment” box at the upper right of the page.

There will be more challenges for us to face this year, but we are committed to supporting the sector now and increasing our capacity in the future. Thank you for your support. 

Best wishes

Chris Wilson"