Following our conversations with South East London CCG, it was agreed that frontline VCS staff and volunteers in Southwark who currently work directly with people in need will be able to make requests to be vaccinated with any unused vaccines.

The list of eligible frontline staff, in line with government guidelines, is here.

If this is something that is of interest to your charity, please fill in this spreadsheet (one per organisation) and send your requests for vaccination to: [email protected] who will coordinate this and send them on to Primary Care Networks to offer vaccinations.

If your staff/volunteers have complex health conditions, are pregnant, or have a history of severe allergies, staff can contact their GP for advice, or look online at the guidance around the two approved COVID-19 vaccines:

Finally, please keep me posted about your experiences with this process (good or bad), via: [email protected]

Eligible frontline social care workers can also self-refer for vaccination (until 28th February 2021). Further information, including a definition of a frontline social care worker, is available here.

Created: 11/02/2021

Last Updated: 24/02/2021