(Updated: 21 April 2021)

Support is still available to help those who haven't yet filled out the Census 2021

As things are slowly opening up again, the Census Engagement Team are now also allowed to help anyone still requiring support in completing their census in person in community centres or similar settings (with PPE and safe distancing as per government guidelines).

Do you or anyone you know require some support filling out the census?

Should any of your members / organisations you work with would like some help, or know of someone who does, the Census Engagement Team would be happy to attend any of your newly-reopened activities or meetings to assist with any outstanding census completions!

The existing options of help via the census support centres, online and national phone numbers supporting residents step by step during their census completion over the phone or virtually, still remain.

More information

To speak to someone about the census, please contact the census coordinator for Southwark: 

[email protected]

(Published: 8th Feb 2021)

Census day is Sunday 21st March 2021. Not sure what you need to do? Read this article to learn more about how you can complete the Census.

Census 2021 Contact Centre is now open and the phone number is: 
0800 141 2021.

Anyone requiring help with completing their form, wishing to order a paper form, new unique access code or any of the support materials, or who would like to complete by text relay or automated fulfilment, or book an appointment with an advisor and / or interpreter to fill in the form over the phone, will now have these options available via the phone number above.

Your invitation letter to participate should arrive shortly, but any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the help centre, or the extensive online guidance at www.census.gov.uk

There are also have a series of useful materials downloadable from the same website at https://census.gov.uk/downloadable-resources/.

The Census team have also published this new leaflet 'How to help the public take part in Census 2021' which contains comprehensive useful information and guidance, including for those who are helping others complete their census form, or filling this in on behalf of someone else. 

Open Q&A sessions for Southwark residents

These Q&A sessions are to help with any questions or concerns about the census in general, as well as issues with filling in the form or questions about specific sections on the form.

To participate, please email [email protected] who will then send you an invitation. These sessions will be held on the following dates and times:

  • 1 Mar 2-4PM
  • 2 Mar 4-6PM
  • 3 Mar 5-7PM
  • 4 Mar 5-7PM
  • 5 Mar 2-4PM
  • 8 Mar 3.30-5.30PM
  • 9 Mar 10AM - 12PM
  • 10 Mar 10AM-12PM & 3-5PM
  • 11 Mar 5-7PM
  • 12 Mar 2-4PM
  • 15 Mar 1-3PM
  • 16 Mar 11AM - 1PM
  • 17 Mar 2-4PM
  • 18 Mar 5-7PM
  • 19 Mar 3-5PM

Other support available includes:
  • Paper census questionnaire (also available in Large Print)
  • Easy-Read booklet to explain how to fill in the questionnaire
  • Braille booklet with information on each question on the form to help with completion
  • Advice and interpretation services in 49 languages
  • Translation booklets in 49 languages with question by question guidance on how to fill in the census questionnaire
  • Phone or text completion through advisers at the contact centre
  • Text relay and automated ("IVR") completion service
  • Extensive compatible online resources and web chat option
  • Guidance for those filling in the questionnaire digitally with help options / explanations at each step in the filling-in process, and the option to save their progress at various stages along the questionnaire, to pick up at a later date
  • Guidance for those filling in the questionnaire as proxies / on behalf of someone else who is not in a position to do so themselves (e.g. due to medical conditions)
  • Subject to Covid regulations at the time of the census (which ONS are monitoring constantly in order to be able to react flexibly to any changes in circumstances on a local level), there will also be Census Support Centres (operating within government guidance on distancing, cleaning, and personal protective equipment, of course) people can book an appointment to get in-person help with filling in their census questionnaire if they prefer

All accessibility products and support routes have been developed and user-tested extensively with the help of the Digital Accessibility Centre and in close liaison with a range of national organisations and charities. Materials and support options have been developed to also take into account physical or mental health conditions or neuro-cognitive impairments such as dementia.

More information

To speak to someone about the census, please contact the census coordinator for Southwark: 

[email protected]

Read our other article on the census here.