(Published 05/05/2021)

GLA Cool Spaces Initiative Phase 2

In March 2021, the Greater London Authority (GLA) sent, through its networks, communication
out to boroughs, community groups, and faith based organisations and other partners introducing
Phase 2 of the GLA’s Cool Spaces Initiative.

Since then, the Cool Spaces Project Steering Group (PSG) has been gathering this information
and the feedback from a cross section of stakeholders to inform a set of criteria and a tiered
approach to establishing cool space sites for summer 2021.

The Cool Spaces Project Steering Group (PSG) is keen to maximise the availability of cool spaces for registration with a wide spread of cool spaces registered from across Greater London. If you haven’t yet registered a site as a cool space, (or if you would like to add further sites), you can still do so using the online registration form.

The deadline for registration has been extended from 30th April to 14th May 2021. 

About the Initiative

The GLA’s Cool Spaces Initiative seeks to establish a network of cool spaces across the city that
is accessible to all Londoners. Cool Spaces are public or private spaces within a city, which are
open and free of charge to the public. They are designed to provide visitors, workers, and
residents, including those with no fixed abode and those who don’t have the adaptive cooling
facilities in their homes, with temporary respite from high temperatures. Cool Spaces will be
designated by the GLA based on information submitted by boroughs, organisations, community
groups and/or faith organisations, by applying a set of criteria.

More information about the initiative and the eligibility criteria can be found here.

Deadline for registration: 14th May 2021