Published 27 Nov 

Bron, Our Southwark Food Action Alliance Officer (SFAA), shares an update on SFAA's work: "SFAA's mission is to increase food security in Southwark. We want every resident to have ready access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food of their choosing...":

Hello wonderful CS members! 

My name is Bron and I co-ordinate the Southwark Food Action Alliance (SFAA) as a project within Community Southwark. I provide support to local organisations and groups involved with all aspects of food provision in the borough, from growing right through to distribution and preparation.  

SFAA’s mission is to deliver a joined-up approach to increasing food security and food equality in Southwark. We want every resident to have ready access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food of their choosing, delivered to them in an environmentally friendly way.  

As a borough, we are still a long way from achieving this. About 1 in 4 residents experiences some form of food insecurity, with many relying on food banks to get them by. However, we have a plan!  

As we put the pandemic behind us, focus is shifting towards building resilience into our communities, including in food provision. One ward in Southwark is now piloting a neighbourhood food model approach, where initiatives including community gardening, cooking in community kitchens and eating together in a ‘community café’ style environment are being nurtured. Moving away from food banks towards food co-operatives, pantries and community fridges is also in progress. 

Helping residents to access cash is an important part of improving food security. A new ‘cash first’ leaflet is being introduced to Southwark that will help residents navigate to specialists offering appropriate advice and wrap-around services. [You can read more about this in another article in this edition of KUWS] 

SFAA has recently become a member of Sustainable Food Places and, in so doing, has joined a growing number of food partnerships across the UK working to transform their local food systems to provide healthy and sustainable food for all. You can view our page and learn more about the great work of Sustainable Food Places here.    

If you would like further information about SFAA, please do contact me at [email protected]