Learn how to effect data led change in your organisation i this online training event.

About this Event

Are you struggling to demonstrate your impact as a charity? Are you collecting the data you really need? Do you really know what your data is telling you? Are you worried about making meaningful decisions and statements based on the data you have?

Following on from our popular Data Essentials course, Lindsay Hodgson returns with an interactive workshop to help you to articulate the impact you want to achieve, identify the data you need to evaluate your impact, consider the things that could bias your results and learn how to present your findings. 

We’ll be using a case study, following a charity through their journey of change and then asking you to apply learning to your own organisation.

What we’ll be covering

  • The theory of change – What is it? Why would you use it? How would you apply it to your organisation?
  • How to identify what data you should be collecting and why
  • How to analyse data to avoid bias or mistaken assumptions
  • How to present and use data to propose change

Course format

This is an online interactive live training session. You'll take part in interactive exercises such as breakout room discussions, polls or chat conversations. You will be asked to complete individual technical tasks on your PC or laptop. You will not be able to join this training using a mobile device. It's likely that you will need to either create online accounts or download appropriate software, which we'll tell you about in advance. 

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