United St Saviour's Charity has been supporting the people of Southwark for hundreds of years. The area is very different to when the charity was established in 1541, but many social and economic challenges remain. 

Area of Benefit 

the area of benefit for the grants programme is the London Borough of Southwark. 


Small Grants Programme Themes 

The Small Grants Programme supports the following programme themes: 


Strong, resilient communities: that communities in Southwark are inclusive, strong and supportive of each other. This could include proposals that do the following: 

  • Support local groups to deliver activities and events that increase connections and friendships 
  • Build and strengthen networks within, and between, communities 
  • Encourage kindness and caring 


Levelling the playing field: that all residents have the same life opportunities and chances. This could include proposals that do the following: 

  • Enable groups to overcome social and economic disadvantage. For example by building skills, confidence and connections to improve their life chances and opportunities 
  • Provide targeted services to particularly disadvantaged groups 
  • Support particularly disadvantaged groups to integrate and access mainstream services 
  • Enable disadvantaged groups to benefit from the assets and facilities that Southwark has to offer: cultural institutions, businesses, etc 


Positive ageing: older people in Southwark are experiencing a great quality of life. This could include proposals that do the following: 

  • Increase connections and friendships 
  • Build relationships and understanding between generations 
  • Increase mental or physical well-being 
  • Foster joy, fun and meaning 



Due to covid-19 and the lockdowns and the need to increase community well-being, our Small Grants Programme in 2021-22 will primarily support the ‘Strong, resilient communities’ theme.  


Eligibility criteria 

The Small Grants Programme supports: 

  •   Constituted community groups, including charities, social enterprises, companies limited by guarantee with a social purpose andfaith basedorganisations as long as activities are not specifically connected with religion. 
  •   Organisations based within, or outside, our area of benefitas long asthey are delivering initiatives that benefit Southwark residents. Organisations based outside our area of benefit will be expected to have good local knowledge and connections, and bring something that adds value to local organisations and/or clearly increases benefit to people from Southwark. 


The Small Grants Programme does not support: 

  •   Individuals, including sole traders
  •   For profit companies
  •   Local authorities
  •   Proposals wherethe majority ofbeneficiaries are living or working outside Southwark 
  •   Purely religious,politicalor animal welfare activities. 
  •   Requests above the value of £5,000.


Fund size 

Due to covid-19, the amount of funding that is have available for grants in 2021/22 is much reduced. Our budget is expected to be around £50,000 across two funding rounds. The first funding round opens on 23rd April 2021 and closes to application at noon on 4th June 2021With the limited funds, UtSS want to ensure that activities funded reach as many Southwark residents as possible. This means that the average amount of grant awarded is likely to be less than in previous years. So while it is possible to apply for up to £5,000 we are more likely to award grants of less than £1,000.  


Use of grants 

Grants may be used to support the costs of one-off activities for Southwark residents such as community events, fetes, festivals and parties that meet the above themesYour proposal should comply with current government covid-19 legislation, for example if it is a face to face group event it should take place after 21st June 2021 when the government is expected to remove all social restrictions. We anticipate that funded activities will have appropriate covid-19 safeguards in place to maintain safe social distancing and hygiene as relevant. 


How to apply using online application portal 

Application is through this online application portal (Flexi Grant) only. Completed online applications that are submitted through the portal will be assessed and decided by UStSC. Please note that we are unable to accept applications that are not submitted through the online portal. 


Documents that you may need to upload 

Please have to hand the following documents for the applicant organisation that you may need to upload: 

  • Governing document 
  • Safeguarding policy 

The following document types are permitted for uploading: 



Before you apply 

Before you submit your online application, we would encourage you to contact the Grants Team by phone or by email to discuss your proposal. We can help with any queries that you may have about the application process. Please note that applications which do not meet the Programme's eligibility criteria will be declined and proceed no further. 


Application deadline 

The application deadline for the Small Grants Programme 2021/22 is noon on Friday 4th June 2021. It is expected that groups submit one application only.