This course aims to highlight the safeguarding needs of children and young people who are disabled and the nature of their vulnerability to abuse or neglect. The course will also look at the assessment of risk and the particular issues facing children and families in safeguarding processes. Delegates should be prepared to actively participate in and contribute their experience and issues in the course.

Learning Outcomes:

  • knowledge of relevant legislation, guidance and procedures and their application to decision making, critical analysis and professional judgement
  • understanding the multi-agency approach to tasks, and the different roles and responsibilities outlined in national guidance and local arrangements for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children to ensure effective working relationships
  • child-focused assessments of needs, enquires and investigations of abuse or neglect.
  • communicating with children, their families and other professionals ensuring common understanding of key terms, definitions and thresholds for action
  • impacts of diversity, culture, religion and ethnicity of disabled children and their families when undertaking safeguarding assessments/investigation
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