Later Life Inclusion grants programme is open to local and national charities that are working to reduce loneliness and isolation in later life.

Charities can apply for a small or large grant, depending on their income.

Small Grants

Small grants are for smaller charities whose annual income does not exceed £500,000. They are to fund overhead costs.

Small grants range from £500 to £15,000, and can be awarded over one to three years.

Large Grants

Large grants are for larger charities whose annual income exceeds £500,000. They are to fund projects and can be used for salary costs, activities, materials etc.

Large grants start at £10,000 and usually range from £20,000-£60,000. They can be awarded over one to three years.

Find out more on the Masonic Charitable Foundation's website here.

How to apply?

To apply you must submit an online application form via the Masonic Charitable Foundation's website. Find out more here.

Deadline for Small Grants:  31 March (4pm)

Deadline for Large Grants: 31 March (5pm)