The council is carrying out a two-stage review of grant making & commissioning following a report to Cabinet in September 2020 on what the community has told it of their experiences of racism, racial inequalities and injustice.
  • Stage One: Southwark Stands Together (SST). Review of what is currently funded and any structural barriers that BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) groups may face in making successful applications and how to address them

  • Stage Two: Cross council commissioning and investment in the VCS (Voluntary & Community Sector). Review of how the pandemic has highlighted structural inequalities and how the council can better prioritise its investment in VCS services.

There is a separate tender process and timetable for each stage. A company could tender for one or both contracts.

These independent reviews will provide evidence based objective appraisal, challenge and opportunities for learning and improvement.

Stage One review: Southwark Stands Together and commitment to tackle racial inequalities

The purpose of this consultancy project is carry out the Communities work stream review below:

  1. Consult with stakeholders and recommend a definition of “BAME led groups”
  2. Suggest how best to use this definition of “BAME led groups” to identify those groups/organisations who either apply for funding or who are funded by the council
  3. Investigate the support in place for organisations to access funding and how targeted support can be offered to groups from BAME backgrounds who have not previously been funded
  4. Investigate whether the way in which the council structures its grant making enables or disables people to access these opportunities
  5. Investigate the council’s grant making and commissioning processes and requirements and any barriers these may generate
  6. Identify examples of good practice in grant making and commissioning within council and elsewhere and how they might be applied more broadly in Southwark

This review will include the Local Economy Team’s Pioneer Fund for micro-businesses. Although these are not voluntary sector organisations, this grants programme had a specific inclusive growth brief covering BAME businesses, women founders and people with disabilities.


The maximum budget set aside for this work is £10,000 including all expenses and VAT. Please provide an overall price, daily rate and number of days, and the costings for all activities required to complete this review. This figure should include any expenses related to travel and subsistence for research purposes.


Proposals will be assessed against the criteria specified below, along with value for money:

  • The approach to the delivery of the contract to meet the objectives and requirements of this specification
  • Evidence of the skills and expertise that the organisation has to deliver against the requirements of the specification
  • Evidence of knowledge or research in relation to grant making and commissioning
  • Evidence of knowledge of the roles, challenges and responsibilities of an inner London Local Authority
  • References from other organisations submitted as part of application
  • Cost/Value for money
How to apply

Please submit the following by 16 April at 12pm to [email protected]:

  • Names, roles and CVs of consultants/team members to be involved in delivery.
  • Details of your proposed approach and activities you would undertake. Applicants should set out a thorough description of how the research data will be collected, particularly in the context of Covid-19, and how this will be analysed.
  • An outline of your skills, suitability and experience to deliver the project, considering the assessment criteria above.
  • Your understanding of the opportunities and risks associated with this project and how you would maximise or mitigate them.
  • Budget outline, including daily rate and number of days.
  • Contact details of two suitable references from organisations with direct knowledge of your work, including at least one from an organisation who has contracted for work from you within the last twelve months
  • An example of your written work as a hyperlink
  • Evidence of appropriate insurance
  • Signed “Declaration of Interests” form

The maximum length of proposals, including short CVs, should not exceed 10 A4 pages, 12 point font.

The Council are open to proposals from consortia of organisations or individual consultants, where there are clear roles set out.

See 'Service Specification' for more information.

Deadline: 16 April, noon

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