Discover free and low cost online tools that can help you put your postcode data on the map and visualise your impact or spot gaps & trends.

Do you collect post code data from your beneficiaries / clients?

Are you interested in analysing this geographical data against other internal or external data to spot trends, illustrate your reach or evidence gaps?

Robust, data informed decisions can help with your service planning and show what's already working to funders, commissioners and your key stakeholders. It can also help you make the case for change, evidence need in your funding applications and share your impact with the world.

This Demo and Q & A online session will introduce free / low cost and easy to use tools to get started putting your data on a map.

The team can then provide follow up support when you start creating maps with your own organisational data.

They will also share some more advanced mapping tools, should you need to map more complex data in future.

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