Meditation and mindfulness, practised regularly over time, have strong potential to make one’s general state of mind more positive: increasingly we can become free of habitual reactivity, unhelpful emotional patterns, and limited ways of seeing ourselves and others.

With a more open and relaxed mind we will have less stress resulting from our living situation, and less tendency to be thrown by the ups-and-downs that life presents.


The Tibetan Buddhist Centre for World Peace and Health are offering a 3-week course is suited for those who would like to be introduced to the basics of meditation, and who would like to attend our morning online meditation sessions.

It will also cover a brief introduction to the chants and prayers recited in those sessions.


An introduction to Meditation, online with Lama Zangmo comprises three classes on:

Saturday mornings from 11.00 - 11.45 

16th - 30th January 2021

To attend

Email [email protected]  to request a place.