This is an online eight week journey of revitalisation and empowerment for London-based change-makers, activists and community leaders.

The next journey runs from 12th March - 30th April 2021. Applications are now open.

London faces a perfect storm of social, economic and environmental challenges, with injustices that have been building for many years dramatically highlighted by the global pandemic. If you’re working directly to support disadvantaged communities or to affect systems change, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and ground down.

Our Online Leadership Training Programme is designed to nourish and strengthen the capacity of London’s changemakers to face these challenges with courage, confidence and creative power. You’ll go on a journey of renewal and revitalisation, deepening your foundations for joyful, sustainable action and learning new facilitation tools to empower your communities.

The journey is about more than self-care: it’s about shifting mindsets and cultures towards our deepest values, (re)discovering joy, creativity and meaning through changemaking, and collectively making the transition to a life-sustaining, equitable society irresistible. Join us to create a new story for yourself, your community, our city, our world.

The training is offered in the spirit of solidarity and accessibility. We ask participants to pay a deposit of £70 to secure a place and there will be an opportunity to make a further donation to support the costs of Active Hope London at the end of the training (if you wish to!)

How to apply?

Click here for more information and details of how to apply.